Since 1980, ALHOF has been distributing and marketing products through its sales network and regional Agents and Distributors, covering the whole National territory, operating from the current Headquarters in Settimo Milanese.

ALHOF offers pre-sales technical support in line with the latest market technologies, creating an excellent relationship with the customer and providing a high-level service suited to current market needs.

In 2020, AlHOF acquired a branch of the Comarel company, and incorporated new partners to provide its customers with top-level service and extending the components range.


ALHOF offers its service as a full-service supplier, where, by service means research and, often, immediate availability of components necessary to meet all customer’s needs.
ALHOF carries out a full service for components suppliers, ensuring the coverage of the entire national territory, continuity of contacts with current and potential customers, and complete availability of services.


Our management involves the entire personnel, thus encouraging an orientation towards service excellence, equal to or greater than that of our products.