ROTARY SWAGING is the new patented technology by Huber + Suhner that allows you to combine the best electrical performance of a cable with the best mechanical performance.

How can you achieve all this?

We obtain the best electrical specs of traditional cables by using a solid central conductor that allows the signal to follow a linear path. By contrast, with a multi-stranded central conductor, there would be a bumpy signal path.

Hubner+Suhner has solved the problem by using the central conductor of the multi-wire cable to which a “compression” procedure (ROTARY SWAGING) is applied, thus making it similar to a solid central conductor.

So you get a cable able to combine the best performances of any other electrical and mechanical cable, using the same connectors.

Features in comparison (Swaging vs multiwire):

  • -30% Attenuation
  • +20% Power
  • Better Return Loss
  • Same phase stability
  • Same flexibility
  • Same connectors
  • Same price

I cavi sottoposti a questa nuova tecnologia saranno:

    • Sucoflex_100 cables range)
    • SF_106 / SF_118
      SF_104 / SF_126
      SF_103 / SF_133
      SF_102 / SF_140
      SF_101 / SF_150
    • New Sucoflex_500 S cables range
    • SF_518 S
      SF_526 S
  • Nuova famiglia dei cavi Spuma RS


  • Spuma 195 RS
    Spuma 240 RS
    Spuma 400 RS