New halogen-free alternatives for RG cables.

The Huber+Suhner version of environmental friendly RF cables extends its range with the introduction of Enviroflex Basic, the low-cost variant for standard applications.

High-temperature RG cable types contain PTFE and FEP Enviroflex cable replaces these expensive halogen-containing polymers with irradiated PE and RADOX®. What changes is the temperature which is limited to + 105 ° C but sufficient to cover most applications. The cables of the Enviroflex basic range further reduce costs compared to the standard RG and Enviroflex versions.
Using standard PE dielectrics and LSFH sheaths, the maximum allowable temperature is reduced to + 85 ° C. In addition, the silver finish of the screen is replaced by a layer of tin. All this allows for a price saving compared to the high temperature RG version.

Standard RG cable types with solid PE dielectric have a PVC jacket. Although inexpensive, PVC contains chlorine and other chemicals that can have negative effects on the environment. HUBER+SUHNER offers Enviroflex basic alternatives for these types of RG with prices that can be further reduced compared to the standard RG version.

Customers’ attention to preserving the environment has steadily increased in recent years, this probably explains the reason for the success of Enviroflex cables, that haveactually created a new market standard. The blue line on the sheath is a feature that has always distinguished Enviroflex from other cables. The range has been enlarged with Enviroflex Basic featured by a strip of Huber + Suhner logos printed on the sheath that will make it recognizable from other cables.

Specs and benefits

  • Perfect alternative to halogen-free RG cables
  • Fully recyclable materials
  • Enviroflex: UL approved cables
  • Enviroflex Basic: very competitive price
  • Enviroflex Basic: 3 new alternatives (RG58, RG223, RG214)